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    Cog Armor

    Bro, I have read the stickies. I know that they're everywhere, it's kind of hard to miss. I posted my query because I don't think that the formula in the stickies is going to work because I'm not proportioned like a normal person. Also I've read all the pepakura stickies and I didn't notice...
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    Cog Armor

    Hi guys I'm new to the forums and I'm about ready to start on my COG armor but I have a few newfag questions that I can't find answers to on the site. Does anyone know what the default size of the Marcus breastplate is? Should I just assume that the MM dimensions at the bottom of the page are...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi there my name is Leo and I'm a 29 year old A&R specialist from Northern California. My friend and I started out on a project several months ago that we saw on the internet on how to make our own Lancers. A few weeks into it we realized we'd need armor to go with it so that we could show...