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    HALO 3 PEPAKURA By Slyfo

    xalener...i can send you the pistol model i tweeked. It looks a bit more feasible....i went in and deleted the polys on the inside of the gun where the slide and chamber are and connected the open verts that were left....let me know if you want to take a look, or if anybody else wants to take a...
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    Now Molding!!! Spase WIP...

    WOW...just WOW :wink: .....i'm completely speechless
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    Spartan Helmet made out of Construx..

    Holy crap i havent seen Construx since the 80's when i had a they still make those things? way to think outside the box
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    Pepakura FINISHED!!!!

    hey WookieLord...i found this site through one of the other posts while searching for reference.... Blue Realm Studios Pix it has pix of every angle you could possibly need for reference
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    Pepakura FINISHED!!!!

    Very cool...i'm going the similar route and using Sintra to helping with rounding out some of the bigger parts
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    How to attach armor to undersuit?

    I definitely dont mind you adding me as a friend...go for it
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    How to attach armor to undersuit?

    sorta off topic here but.....Hey's Gthmnyt2580 from the BOTB...nice to see you here too!!....i'm pretty new here too and have just been lurkin around mostly and started building my pep helmet....i actually had the same questions you had