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    Adam in youtube videos

    I've actually never seen the first video, but damn Adam, your armor holds up so well! You need to make a dance video or something. :lol:
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    What the?!

    Yeah, this is especially useful in games of CTF or Assault. When they're escaping with the flag or making a run for your base you fire a charged shot and they stop dead in their tracks. A couple grenades can finish them off.
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    You guys are GODS! :not worthy:
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    My H3 WIP Helmet (Complete)

    Wow, if you keep up the same quality as what you have now, you'll no doubt have one amazing suit of armor. :D
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    How do you make an animated signature

    All you have to do is save your animation as a .gif and host on an image hosting site.
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    How Adam Attaches His Armor

    Wow, your armor is so cool. Awesome ending too! :p
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    405th Promo Video MORE PICS

    This really inspires me to make a promo video, too. Maybe I'll cook something up tomorrow. :D
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    405th Promo Video MORE PICS

    Haha, surprised me when my helmet popped up there! Cool, needs some more pics though... maybe some footage too!
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    Secret Flying dumpster on the Storm!!??!!

    Lol, I did this with my brother one time. On The Storm we flew the dumpster in the alley all the way out to the AA gun and then fell of the cliff... I think I have the video on my Box still.
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    ODST Armor

    Wow, that's actually really cool. I should look into some Marine or ODST armor... Well done so far. After it's finished I think you should get some paint and give it a nice paintjob. Again, looks good. :D
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    Master Chief Shoes!

    Heh, aimed at kids, eh? Well there's only a limited run of 100 pairs coming, and with a $100+ price tag, these ain't no kiddy sneakers.
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    Zerebin's Master Chief Armour!!! Wow, great job on that helmet. One thing you're missing is the black vents on the side. Anyway, again, great job! :D
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    Props The RCP 90 looks like a Spartan Laser

    Lol, that's funny, I remember playing that game still. Goldeneye is the best pre-2000 shooter to play 4-player. LOL! And yeah, that gun looks kinda like the Spartan Laser, but it's nowhere near it in size.
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    There was no Assault Rifle in Halo 2, and the MA5B didn't have a nub either.
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    405th Halo 3 Match Setup!

    Sign me up.