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  • unfortunately no, not yet i ain't made any i am late to all this stuff....
    but! i do have artistic quality's (i build and paint models) i am going to make sure i do for definitely make some helmets and armour.. i am hoping to get a grunt costume made for my 3 year old as he is about the rite size for it lol...:D
    yeah no way well any-way good luck with it and i'm gonna have to see some piccy's.. and i will when get the chance to aswell.. happy building :D
    No worries halo95. I think it might also have somthing to do with it being moved to the Elite Showcase. Good thing that you are able to message me here.

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Anyone can do a suit like mine. It really just takes TIME... I can't stress that enough. I found that the more time that I spent on each piece, the better it turned out. Even if it had defects - and there are.

    Good luck on your project.
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Average joe livin his daily life.

Tinkering with electronics, playing video games, and of course, Building halo armor.
Jun 14, 1995 (Age: 28)
Boise Idaho