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    Cardboard Magnum

    It looks cool, i am going to start making mine, I suggest you to paint it so nothing shows up, it will eventually look awesome.
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    Props Br55 Full Metal

    where du get it?
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    M274 Mongoose Ulatv

    OMG thanks a lot, now i have like a hundred of those :) :p
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    Building A Halo 3 Mongoose !?!?

    Thanks bevbor :)
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    Full Warthog Pepakura

    I am building a mongoose (full size) reed mi blog
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    Pep Energy Sword

    the problem about pep, is that it runs only in windows. I have a mac :mad:
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    Building A Halo 3 Mongoose !?!?

    I am going to try to build a halo 3 mongoose from scratch. First I need to design it and find out how much the parts cost. I will probably need blueprints of it but i cant find them online. I need ur help if u can make or find blueprints for a mongoose. I also wonder if a mongoose is AWD or not...