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    Jackal Statue

    That's what I'm afraid of..
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    Jackal Statue

    Hello 405th, I have been gone for centuries upon centuries UPON CENTURIES. And decided that I should finish at least ONE prop/piece of armor/costume/whatever SO I present this: I'm going to make a highly detailed Jackal/Kig-yar Statue. Starting with the head. Right now I'm...
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    Grunt Costume Head *update*

    LOL Updates, or something.
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    Halo E3 News, Halo CE HD and Halo 4!

    Hey guys, I'm just BUMP-ing this thread with something awesome i found recently. This thing i found was a demo at the gamescom in germany, a demo of the level: 343 Guilty Spark! Tell me what you guys think!
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    Model portfolio (Satchmo III)

    No problem man, Im test pepping the needler on full scale right now. It looks rather easy. Want me to post the fully scaled needler?
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    Halo E3 News, Halo CE HD and Halo 4!

    What bothers me is: Guilty spark no longer has the marathon symbol on his "eye" (due to the marathon symbol being a bungie trademark). This might mean that the POA and captain keyes' nametag no longer have the iconic marathon symbol either. Oh, and i recall there being a total of 7 halo rings...
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    HALO Pitch Trailer

    You havent answered me yet about the grunt.
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    I found the halo "ships" pep files!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, can you give me a link to the pillar of autumn .pdo? (the halcyon-class cruiser).
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    Halo Combat Evolved MARK V Helmet

    Haha, cool dude. I too made a pep mark 5 helmet. And i too am NOT working on it now. Hope to see you start soon though.
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    Just BUMP-ing away. For great justice!
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    HALO Pitch Trailer

    Currently, my grunt head sculpt is nearly done. I'm just going to have to finish it and mold it, Then i can sell you a cast. Ofcourse unpainted because i don't know what you want to do with it. And i'll allow you to mold it, as long as it is because you are using animatronic techniques. I'll...
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    HALO Pitch Trailer

    I can help you out for some things as well. Let me bring it this way: Do you need any Covenant?
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    Minecraft anyone?

    Okay, as soon as you get it online, can you give the IP? Oh, and please make me an admin/ or a mod. IM DEAD SERIOUS. I DONT GRIEF OR STEAL. PLEASE :D
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    Halo E3 News, Halo CE HD and Halo 4!

    Awesome! 343 announced a title update with some neat stuff. something that is included: NO FALL DAMAGE. and something about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. "We’re pleased to confirm that we’re planning a Title Update (a small download which will add some interesting functionality) for Halo...
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    halo E3 possible Halo movie hints

    Yeah... except for this: October 6, 2010 It is confirmed that DreamWorks is determined in obtaining the rights for the film.[35] October 8, 2010 A possible 2014 release date is revealed by Starlight Runner Entertainment CEO Jeff Gomez during a panel at the New York Comic Con Halo wikia.