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    Spectre Mask (Starcraft 2)

    Very nice, I did this last year for PAX Prime. I never fully finished it, and didn't have time for lights. But here is how far I got:(And I apologize for slightly hijacking your thread. I just did this last year and thought I would show you what I had.) I never fully finished it, and...
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    Noob Questions, Resin, Rondo, Aqua, And Smooth

    So now I've heard from some people that Smooth-on products are low toxicity, and from other that they are very toxic. I've seen some videos with people using smooth-on 300 and not using respirators or anything. I've always found the stuff to be pretty smelly. I guess it's best to err on the...
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    Noob Questions, Resin, Rondo, Aqua, And Smooth

    Hello all, I have a few noob questions and this is the place to ask them. I have a few additional safety questions that I havne't seen covered anywhere else (That I can find). 1 - Resin and bondo are both very toxic when being worked with, curing,and while sanding. How long do these...
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    Smoothing Question, Paper Mache,

    Paper mache is very very strong when done thick. Try drilling through thick paper mache and you will know what I mean. I've sanded quite a bit of paper mache and I've done some bondo/resin over paper mache and here has been my experience. The best mache i've found so far is 1 part...
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    Durabuilt Rotary Tool Reliable/worth It?

    Your post wasn't up when I replied to the original poster, so I didn't read your post until after wards. But regardless you are probably right about all of them being the same. I'm moderatly happy with my dremel, it does fine, although it does have issues cutting through thick acrylic.
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    Durabuilt Rotary Tool Reliable/worth It?

    Spend the money now and get the best thing you can afford. Consider you will probably use whatever you buy for the next 4-5 years. I bought the cordless stylus dremel and I'm sorta-happy with it, although I wish I would have just got the best and most expensive dremel that they had.
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    Halo 3 Cardboard Mjolnir Armor!

    Let me ask a dumb question. What is "2 Component Plastic"?
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    Cheap visor tutorial

    Light from 2 years ago on the internet is now only just reaching us.
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    Pepakura Requests

    Spaceball Black Guard Armor. I've done a bad cardboard version, but if anyone put together a good pepakura model that would be even better. Chest and codpiece woo!
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    What Happens When You Use Non-Nsp

    This is something that I learned the hard way. Spent 10 bucks on clay not knowing how badly sulfur reacts with rubber. Ruined the simple mold I made. Lucky for me it wasn't that important. I switched to NSP and now I don't have any problems. Use that sulfur clay on something else, then...
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    Different Hardening Techniques

    I'm a paper mache fiend who hates toxic chemicals. I've done a lot of paper mache in my life and I'm considering attempting an armor piece using only pepakura, paper mache, and some aqua resin. Essentially doing it completly non-toxic. Paper Mache is slow drying, that is one of the largest...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Hamsterstyle Profession: Micro$oft Age: 28 Favorite Hobby: Sculpting Favorite part of halo: Shooting Things Favorite Halo: only played 1 and 2 so far Favorite Video Game: Civ4 Other Interests: Painting, drawing, reading, being angry about politics Favorite Food: Salad and Pizza Favorite...