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    HD MA37 (unfolder will be needed soon)

    Update Time! I did very small minor work to the model. I fixed the ammo counter housing and upper housing design. It was tedious work but I got the job done. The grip is giving me a hard time though. I cannot get the right shape out. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this?
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    HD MA37 (unfolder will be needed soon)

    Good point,I'll go ahead and ask him before I will release it. So for now I will update you guys with progress, but will not release until I have written permission from Rid3r himself
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    HD MA37 (unfolder will be needed soon)

    this is Rid3r's model. I am in no way claiming responsibility for the file. I am just updating it with little details here and there
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    HD MA37 (unfolder will be needed soon)

    HD MA37 (Upgrade from Rid3rs awesome Model) Hey 405th, its been a while since I have been active on this site. Ever since the site changed, I haven't been on as much. But hopefully now as a welcome back gift to you guys, I have decided to make a HD model of the Reach assault rifle. There hasn't...
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    3 Halo guns in two weeks!

    Yea it has but i think he said earlier that he is extending his deadline
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    3 Halo guns in two weeks!

    Wow... no replies. That is really suprising because that pistol is extremely awesome. Maybe its just cuz people are at a loss of words to describe the awesomeness of it.
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    Pepakura Weapon-making Issues

    Well what i do is that i complete part of the weapon and fiberglass the inside. Once i fiberglass that part i start another portion and begin to fiberglass that too. in the end, i will have 2-3 pieces which go together like a puzzle. and then its just a matter of bondoing to fix up warpage.
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    Props If I Had A Super Weapon...

    omg! Bevbor! how did i miss this one. wow! this is really awesome. just needs some polishing and painting and this should have a place in the elite showcase
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    If I had a super weapon...

    ahhhhhh! holy sh*t thats god like!
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    Just amazing. I should've known you'd be the first on this project. Just awesome. What I really like about this gun is that it is eerily similar to the l96 awm. my favorite sniper
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    Props Bevbor's Sniper Rifle Of Paper

    This is by far one of the greatest pep/cardboard work ive seen in a loooooong time. Wooooooow.... Cant wait to see it completed
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    Props Halo Reach Sniper Rifle

    not only will this be epic sliced but as a pepakura model ;) this will definately be something i would want to build if it is released in a pep format. afer my district 9 project of course that bevbor is very kind to help me out with
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    Most Accurate Odst? (Could A Mod Please Lock This)

    Um... I know the rookie odst has some flaws in it that are hard to fix without a lot of bondo. It sorts of depends i guess. Nztk's odst has recessed chin things (i dont know what they are called...) and the rookie's doesnt. I dont think they are supposed to be lowered tho in the weta model. if...
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    3D Model Requests

    How bout the ARC alien rifle from district 9
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    Props Bevbor's Sniper Rifle Of Paper

    How do u make such fine cuts with a blade? When I do it, it always turns out messy because the cardboard warps when i proceed to stab it. Is there a method in cutting deep cardboard?