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  • Nice to hear things is going well ;] just taking it slow usually works the best lol, as for the vest, is it a real one o_O? 334USD is a lot of money lol, especially since they usually go for around 80-120USD. And a tip for the glueing part, if ur using the Gorilla superglue(any superglue for that matter) doing small dabs of it, like a little dot or two on each tab is usually the best way, too much and it will take longer to dry. GL and hope to see pics soon ;D

    BTW: do you have the COH: RC_Realism mod? I usually play that from time to time and if you wanna do some matches send me a tell ;]
    You could modify the rifle if you wanted too ;) as for the chest, getting something similar to the game would prob be best, a pep piece even if it has been reinforced with resin/fiber wont survive long againt a brutal airsoft game lol, btw did you ever get a hold on the chest piece?
    That sucks :( you could try asking if someone else has time to do it, what weapon prop are you going with the suit? I was thinking of getting a small group to commission someone to make the StA-52 assault rifle, its cheaper if everyone chips in plus everyone gets the pep file ;)
    Proud servant of the VII Astartes Legion ;D as for pics I will try to upload some new ones on my photobucket lol, the pieces are only resined/fiberglassed so they looks a little messy, hows your Assault Infantry coming along?
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