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    Roll Call

    Name: Brenden Heckman Age: 32 Location: Huntsville, AL Career/Job: former A&P turned dog trainer/ K9 handler Most likely seen at: DragonCon
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    Free 3D Model Index

    Link to my Halo 5 Noble Armor set. Helmet parts courtesy of moesizzlac
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    What kind of PPE do I need?

    AVUM and AVIM Manual for General Aircraft Maintenance Sheet Metal Shop Volume 11
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    What kind of PPE do I need?

    I'll say it here as well a quick google search for TM1-1500-204-13-11 will give you the manual a volume for Army aviation composite shop procedures it can dial you in very in depth to PPE, air, and building requirements, as well as practice to maximize composite component strength.
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    What kind of PPE do I need?

    Those goggles are fine, unless you have your face practically in the mix. Which would mean you failed High School chemistry magnificently. Also stay up wind of any air circulation
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    First post, need help with fiberglass

    Glass looks alright, when you trim down and get to your final fitment, be sure to seal over the edges with a bead of resin/rondo. This will prevent delamination (separation of layers of material.) This is a process is use on repairing composites at work.
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    What would be cooler to have autographer

    So I'll be at dragon con this year and so will Mike Colter AKA Agent Locke. SO my debate is what would be cooler to have autographed, my H5 game or the Spartan Locke McFarlane figure?
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    Stale air in helmet

    By the looks of the foam layout you could reduce the foam you have by putting pads specifically on impact point, forehead, back and side like a military helmet. The gaps act like air channels increasing airflow and cooling abilities.
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    DragonCon 2018 Parade

    I don't plan to march I won't be there that early. I'm driving in from Huntsville early Saturday.
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    DragonCon 2018 Parade

    What day is the parade? I'll be there Sat and Sun for more first ever con
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    Talk About Your Pet at Home

    Right now I have 5 dogs and one hen that was the survivor of a dog attack. Dogs: 3 Huskies, not much to say about them they're old fat and lazy living out their last years just being happy and content getting loved on by my girls. My oldest is their handler. 2 Belgian Malinois, these two are...
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    Canines in Halo Lore

    I think dog meat would be well replaced long before that. LEOs and militaries are going away from GSDs to favor Malinois and Dutch Shepherds due to multiple factors. In space their size is far more advantageous as a male is only in the 50-70 lbs range making them ideal for moving about in...
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    crackhead09's Fiberglassing Tutorial

    Hate to add to an old thread about fiberglassing but look up TM 1-1500-204-23-11 this is the Army's manual for advanced composite repair and manufacturing for aircraft component. My company's composites team helped come up with these processes. Use this as a guide as help and you'll be able to...
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    Halo 6 - Faith in 343 industries? Lets Discuss. (Story / Multiplayer)

    I have really tapered off on the game play, life just doesn't allow much xbox time anymore. Maybe by the time this does come out I may be able to smash in a few hours a week to play some more. I was underwhelmed by %'s story line. Too much of games and movies rush things. The idea of Cortana...
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    Thoughts on E3 2018 Halo INFINITE trailer

    I like what I saw it was promising, but I will not set expectations high. And with it being a release title for the Project Scarlet new Gen Xbox that means a new console I rarely play... again