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  • Dude awesome Armor! i love the details in the odst armor, definately something You should continue to so! keep up the good work man!
    yeah sure thing man, well it still looks awesome =D i haven't finished yet, i still have to do the whole hardening process, primer, sanding, spot putty (if needed), paint, and visor
    btw i know how to make the Pilot helmet, you hould check my thread btw, but yeah i have made it 3 times =P
    lol, Yeah, I get a lot of PMs. I don't mind though. Makes me feel more important than I really am..lol. Yeah man, I could sense the frustration and I wanted to try and put your mind at ease. Its a solid suit that looks great and you can tell whoever built it did a ton of work. Glad I could help!

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Looking for anyone who knows how to or would be able to make the JFO, CQC, or Pilot helmet. Msg me=]

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