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    Rook's ODST WIP... build finished!

    Just and outstanding job bro, just outstanding! I can't believe HOW LONG we've had our kits before we finally started working on them! I've bookmarked this, and will be calling you as I work on mine! Thanks again for re-inspiring me on this project!
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Amazing work! Thank you for sharing these with the community! Hope your hand heals quickly, that just sucks bigtime! Hope to build a set of Banded Iron Armor soon!
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    2nd Company Ultramarine WIP

    Superb work, just superb! I've always wanted a set of Space Marine armor, the Space Wolves Chapter and I think you just may have inspired me to have a go at it!
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    Female Spartan Chest Plate

    Very,very cool! Superb creativity! I can hardly wait to see a female Spartan fully geared up and using your chest plates! Great idea. I picture a pink Spartan for some reason, maybe it's because of those figures posted in the thread! Hey, if that's what it takes to get the ladies into Spartan...
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    Woooo-Hoooo! Nub'd for ODST, Nub-less for Spartans... LMAO!!
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    I kinda like the nub... :wink: :thumbsup:
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    Legendary Armor – Mark VI Master Chief Helmet Progress

    My god guys, this just keeps getting better and better and better! First it was Spartan Armor, now ODST Armor! Ohhhh my. I'm at a loss for words right now...quiet Lewis, you know that doesn't happen very often!! :rolleyes :lol:
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    Frakkin' insanely cool bros, just frakkin' insane! :cool:
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    It's looking better and better and better and... :cool:
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    Legendary Armor - MA5C Assault Rifle

    Flat-out AWESOME!! Just superb news on an otherwise horribly down week. Guys, this will be superb. I've two of Hyperfirms weapons- the DC-15L and DC-15S and they are hands down, two of the four finest weapons in my prop arsenal. (And just in case you wanted to know what the other two are...
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    Legendary Armor – Mark VI Master Chief Helmet Progress

    My Gawd! Lewis, you did not exagerate bro!! That is a freakin' In-cred-i-ble helmet!! Wow!!! I stand officially speechless!! Most impressive, most impressive indeed! Although, I couldn't help notice mention of Halo3 Marine helmet, armor? Ohhhhhhh :cool:
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    My MLC helmet arrived today... one fine lookin' helmet! :D
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    MLC's journey to becoming MC!

    Bro, lookin' good verrrrryyyy good!! (course, it's what I expected!) :D
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    Master Replicas Halo Stuff...

    I'd rather have your sword instead of the MR version too Sean. There's something about a hand-crafted, high quality prop that wins my hard-earned $$ everytime! -Rex
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    MLC's journey to becoming MC!

    One word bro, just one... OUT-FREAKIN-STANDING!!