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    Will you be posting the helghast helmet mask and goggles download for me please ? Its been a week and you still havent replyed hope everything is fine with you.
    Hugh? are you still there? You havent replyed to my messages.
    After a lot of digging on the internet, I finally managed to get a lead on a fallout new vegas ncr black ranger helmet pep. I read that you made a great one and I would be honored if you were to share it with me. I would greatly appreciate it
    Hi there thanks very much for the templates Ive bought the EVA foam 12 massive squares of it.one problem when I go to download them it won't let me.it sends me to a facebook app something about sharing files.it's says create a account.is this right.
    Absolutely love your ODST build you did, i am also making one using your files but modded for foam and will have pics and stuff of it soon. But thank you again for your hard work so that we may have fun too!
    I just wanted to take a minute to say your ODST build is absolutely amazing. When I looked it over, I was just simply blown away. Problem is, I tried the click the links to download the pep files for it, but the pages wouldn't show up. As in the page that is suppose to have the pep file in it. All it gives me is a error saying that the 4shared page doesn't exsist. Is there any where else that I might find the pep files so I might be able to download the files so I can begin work on my own armor! ^_^ Also, how did you get the visor looking so perfect! It's got the bend in it and everything! How did you do it!
    I should say, "It is my pleasure to meet you", and "Your ODST work is admirable." I would like to thank you for the pep files you put up for download, and for the level of simplicity you gave them. These small things makes construction so much easier to work with. Finally, I have a request. Could you post pictures of your ODST legs since your current pictures are cowboy shots, and I would like to see the leg work of the suits. If you don't mind that is.
    Hi Hugh :) this is a VERY NOOB question..... what is the meaning of WiP? With Progress? sorry to bother you with such a stupid question.
    Hugh, i know youre prolly busy man, but ive got a whole halloween costume riding on that Radec file, PLEASE email me at Titanantinium@aim.com dude, this is serious D:
    I dont wanna annoy, but how're those radec files going? if you're too busy, or tossed em aside, anything you have done 3D-wise would help a lot :p
    Hey, can you tell much how much a ODST helmet is??
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I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.

Making stuff happen
3D Design Engineer / Laser Scanning Tech


Freelance 3D Artist - Design Engineer
Hi res / Low res models - Animation Rigs - 3D Printing - CNC files - File Conversions / Edits
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