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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    So this thread was started in 2008. Is this still going on or what is cancelled?
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    three armors, our first armor builds

    That's lookin good! Keep it up.
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    Warhammer 40k Space Marine: Black Templar (90% finished)

    Just watched the video for this. Fantastic job man. Great detail.
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    Warhammer 40k Space Marine - Wearing the Armor

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    Garzak Odst

    Nice work! Diggin that helmet.
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    Jackal Costume Complete

    This is fantastic! Great work man.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Christian Profession: Freelance Journalist Age: 21 Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Writing Favorite part of halo: Multiplayer from Halo 2 and Reach's Story. Favorite Halo: 2 Favorite Video Game: Red Dead Redemption, Shadow of the Colossus, Alan Wake Other Interests: Girlfriend(2...