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  • Just recognized your Hexadecimal costume and I remember seeing you at the Edmonton Expo this year, amazing job by the way! One of the best costumes at the Expo I saw that day!
    Your frustrations are understandable. I would be pissed off too. Hopefully this person will learn their lesson.
    I'm glad I could bring this to your attention (although unintentionally).
    Happy costume-building!
    No problem
    Would you prefer if I used a different picture for my avatar then?
    I wouldn't blame you if you asked me to. I have no problem with it.
    Wow... :O I found this fanpic in a Deviantart album when looking for a pic of Tex through Google. That's... funny...? Or weird? I have no idea which. hahah
    Sorry. Did I creep you out?
    To.... Tex? haha She's my favorite RVB character hands down (hence my color scheme on my current project)
    Your builds are amazing, by the way. :)
    Feedback for Hyokenseisou from recent purchase:

    I recently bid on and won 3 items from Hyo on her auction for HaloFest swag. The items include a Grunt plushie, MegaBloks warthog exclusive HaloFest set, and a Halo Legends Cortana poster. All items were in superb condition, especially the Grunt plush; she even sent me the reusable bag that originally came with the MegaBloks set! :D Shipping was very fast, and she packed everything so nicely, she even got a tube for the poster.

    I would definitely do business with her again in the future. :)
    LOVE your cortana cosplay! And the armor is amazing! You've made me want to make my own flag prop now, you are a boss with masking tape! :p
    Thanks for the quick shipping on FoR: Bootcamp comic and Reach soundtrack! :D
    Hey, youre a blast! Me and Horus have had a lot of fun playing with you and your man the last couple days. Hit us up any time you guys need company!
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Field hockey, paintball, costume making, herpetology
Calgary, AB
Artist and Costume Maker


Cortana build (finished) -- Spartan build (finished one suit) -- Other Cosplay WIP's
I lurk.