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  • I know its been a while, But I was hoping that you could perhaps send me the file for the pepakura helmet base? It would really help me out.

    As everybody else, I would like you to send me your famous Base Helmet PDO. as it is unspeakable usefull. If you will, please send me at ggearzero@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance
    (And sorry for the english mistakes. It's not my native language.)
    hi ikkakuro please send me the helmet base pdo file plz at joshua_cardozo@yahoo.com.au thank you
    Kak ikkakuro please share the helmet base pdo file :) sent it to b.sulistyo257@gmail.com
    Please ya kak ikkakuro, thank you very much before :)
    Hi ikkakuro
    Can you share for me the helmet base pdo file?!
    If you please, send it to mrozaimi@streamyx.com please
    Thanks you very much
    Hi ikkakuro
    Can you share for me the helmet base pdo file?!
    I would used it to make goukaiger helmet
    If you please, send it to vietsang1989@gmail.com please
    Thanks you very much
    Best regard!
    Hi Ikkakuro, could you send me the base helmet file to my mail? ponapat.kij@gmail.com, thank you for your kind
    bro can you send me a copy of the pepakura for the base helm?..will be making my first kamen rider using it thanks. Already sent you PM for my email
    hi there.. i also am willing to have a helmet base file....
    got to do my son and daughter a helmet for hollowee.
    thanks in advance mate.

    Hi, sent a PM to you earlier but not sure if you received it or not. Just leaving a message here for you to see. Thanks :)
    hello , can you give me the pepakura file for the helmet ?( simple helmet for make another kamen rider helmet)
    Tank you very much


    (sorry for my English , I'm french )
    Hello all well , great work with the archive pep helmet basis, you could give me i send to me also make a helmet kamen rider? I await thank you very much

    Hey Ikkakuro, do you have any Kamen Rider pdo file unfolded??
    Just wanna make a helmet but i'm not finding.
    If yes, would u mind to e-mail me please?


    Tks a lot.
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