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    405th flag

    If you were planning on making a pep file for a flag I would recommend against it, but making the actual flag would be awesome! You could probably just start with a regular flag pole and if you want just add an extension across to make the flag always extended. The only real challenge would be...
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    Reach HAZOPs helmet

    This is just wonderful work! I commend you for such a valiant effort that doesn't reward you with much except the undying gratitude of the 405th community. Great job and hope that you continue to make and enjoy armor and share your awesome skills with the rest of us!
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    Reach CQC helmet

    Holy crap man! Thats just down right impressive to see someone's model in progress. More power to you when you finish!
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    "Help!" for: Molding

    I'm brand new to the whole molding part of the process and have a shoulder and boot that have been fiber glassed, but only have one of each, and was wondering if it would be a lot quicker to try to mold them instead of just making the second of each? -Plus I don't really know which way it would...