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    Recon Helmet: First Actual Pepakura (pics)

    I've used Mod Podge before but it was more for an illustration not something like this. How did it work out? I live in an apartment where certain techniques prohibit me from doing it hence why I'm building my suit out of foam. If Mod Podge is a viable method to hardening the helmet then that may...
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    Briareos Hecatonquiros Nuevo

    This is biblically epic.....amazing amazing amazing!!!!
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    My very first "Reach"/Noble 6 build W.I.P.

    Thanks! So I'm back. The forearms have collected dust because I didn't have much of a Christmas break, more time running around than actually sitting at home but it is what it is. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! So here's the check list, target date for completion is April 26 for the...
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    My very first "Reach"/Noble 6 build W.I.P.

    Haha thanks! It's actually the simpler foam template from L3X's database, in the future it'll be the crazy intense ones that LilTyrant has. Thanks so much! :) I haven't given up on the project yet, I just haven't had time, I can't wait for Christmas break for work so I can have some quality...
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    My first foam build [[Reach Armor WIP]] Pic Heavy!

    Wow! Looking solid! Great work!
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    My first foam build [[Reach Armor WIP]] Pic Heavy!

    Looks great! I like what you've done with how the knee integrates nice and clean into the shin. Lookin' pretty solid!
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    Grrr! We're freelancers! Red vs Blue WIP

    Holy beanz this looks amazing! I'm excited to see the rest of the progress!!!
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    Custom Spartan Armor builds

    DANG! That chest piece turned out really well! I think KCCO needs be somewhere on your armor. What was your scaling method for the chest? I'm going off of HaloGoddess' method but I find with foam it's hit and miss. Keep at it! Ps: <subscribed>
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    Help with Master Chief armor! :D

    As mentioned each have their own challenges and foam is relatively quicker to build. The forearms took me quite some time to put together but once I got one the other one was relatively quick because I knew how it all went together. I'm currently building my Mjolnir Mk V armor out foam, it...
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    My very first "Reach"/Noble 6 build W.I.P.

    Thanks so much! It really helps when you have the proper tools for sure as well, the dremel I bought, as basic as it is, is the best thing I have purchased this entire build. I'm saving the chest for last, I'm going to take your suggestion in using scrap cardboard and piece everything together...
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    Cardboard Dead Space Advanced Suit - Pics within :D

    That's pretty cool you're making it out of cardboard! Keep up the good work!
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    Custom Spartan Armor builds

    This is looking awesome great job the both of you! Seeing this is inspiring and helps me stay focused on my own build. Brw...KCCO!!! (I have 3 of those Chice shirts haha)
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    My very first "Reach"/Noble 6 build W.I.P.

    Here's an update, the forearms are done! Cutting out the templates for the biceps/shoulders so that should be up in a few days/weeks. I threw in a last minute detail at the cuff, it works and I'm satisfied with it. Still fits! Thanks for looking! Edit: The pics make it look pretty...
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    My very first "Reach"/Noble 6 build W.I.P.

    UPDATE! Forearms complete! They both fit, are relatively solid and now time to progress to adding the detail. Having the proper tools sure do make the job go much more efficiently and cleaner. It was worth it so far. Re-enforced the inside Snug as a bug Detailing tomorrow with craft foam!