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    IndigoD0g's Veronica Dare Build

    Thank you! The group pic is really my favorite one - it shows all of our takes on the same types of armor. Can't wait to keep going up from here.
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    IndigoD0g's Veronica Dare Build

    Thank you! I'm pretty happy with how it started out, but I have bigger plans! I'll revisit her when I'm happy with my Spartan!
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    ODST Chest help

    I had the same problem, the chest piece was too tight for my head to get through. My straps could go diagonal to the area where my head went through so maybe positioning the straps a few centimeters out from the opening could help in addition to trimming.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Madison Profession: History Major (college student) Age: 20 Favorite Halo: ODST, Reach From: Los Angeles, CA Music: Metal, Alt Rock, 40's Favorite Event: Outpost Discovery 2019 Hobbies: Painting, building, listening to music, hiking, guitar Fun Fact: I can ski backwards, flex my...
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    IndigoD0g's Veronica Dare Build

    After finishing Veronica Dare over half a year ago, I thought I'd make a post about how the armor turned out and my experience building it. This post will have pictures from the development of each piece, and as it's my first armor build, be kind! This build was made with Cobalt Eclipse Cosplay...