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    Ebay ripoff?

    I believe this has been brought up before. http://
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    Promethean knight build!

    This is Looking Awesome!!!
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    Agent Carolina WIP 3rd suit

    Looking good!
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    Jackal Statue

    Sounds like a plan! Good luck with your build!
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    Gurren Lagann,Tengen Toppa.

    This is really looking awesome!
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    Halo 4 Helmet Request Thread

    This looks Awesome!
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    halo 3 recon NOW FULL SUIT! wip by Spartansonny

    Looking good! Good luck with the rest of your build!
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    Taking the leap... ODST helmet WIP

    Looking Good!
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    My first MK. VI Armor PIC Heavy

    Looking Good!
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    Dragon Priest Krosis

    This looks Awesome! did you keep the Default size of the Ebony Helmet in Pepakura Designer?
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    Fallout 3, The Brotherhood of Steel Helmet DONE

    Looking Good! This is going to look awesome when its finished!