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    New maps for Halo 2 that can only be obtained by the 360

    Link is broken, but yeah, bungie posted about it on too. Im glad its for 360'ers only, and its a smart business move for microsoft, since people will go out and buy the 360 now for the maps, and for the halo 3 beta thats comming out.
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    Mmmmm... Gears of War

    chain sawing is the best part ofcourse :wink:
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    Three Word Story

    He quickly grabbed
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    Halo Movie Poster Proto, or Fan-made

    3 things 1. The word Halo does not look like the title on the game boxes. 2. That has master cheif in his armor from Halo 2, which would imply that they would skip halo 1 in the story, or run through it fast, which cant really be done. 3. A few days back, on MSN they announced that the...
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    Three Word Story

    His mom was
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    New member + New Suit , Very Pic Heavy

    Thats awesome armor, how long did it take to make the entire thing?
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    Three Word Story

    floor. "Ouch!" he
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    Halo 3 Limited Legendary Edition "case"

    Thats pretty sweet, I'm hoping that it can be worn, either something to wear instead of making my own, or using as a refrence when making my own.
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    Another Halo Armor Example. Awesome

    Its pretty cool, Im not a big fan of the goggles part, It would look alot cooler if it was reflective, so people couldnt see in. EDIT: Me and my bro had those lasertag guns too hehe.
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    Spartan in Halo 3 Trailer MasterChief... Or Someone Else?

    If it was another SPARTAN cortana probably wouldnt have said "I am your shield, I am your sword." to him.
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    Three Word Story

    he broke his
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    Steel or titanium?

    Steel is also pretty expensive now days. Like other people are saying, use plastic for your armor.