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    Airsoft AEG to Battle Rifle

    Ah making it out of the XM8, ill buy it when you make the finished product, if your selling. ;-)
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    Project Request - Oracle - Penitent Tangent or Guilty Spark

    Whoa, hanging from the ceiling.That would still be awesome.You could hang it above your bed,so when you wake up your see like a lit up monitor. :shock:
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    Helmets visors

    Ah never thought of that, thanks.
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    Helmets visors

    Did you guys tint your visors or did you buy them like that,or of course make them.But anyway i don't see how you made it so you can see out but they cant see in.
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    Plasma/Frag Grenade.

    Thats sweet, id go up to my friends, pull the pin, and watch them become track stars.
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    Modified airsoft P99 to Halo 1 Pistol

    Thats sweet, are you selling any. :lindsey:
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    Westerfield Studios Needler page

    Did anyone here buy there costume from westerfieldstudios?
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    Plasma/Frag Grenade.

    He does have a point,and i would buy one of those empty grenades.
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    Props my Armory

    Yea id buy an air gun if someone made it.And if the fps is at or higher than 200.
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    Props my Armory

    That would all be amazing, do we have a prop with the 2 combat knives and a flood form in the middle to like hang up in your room.
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    Fuel Rod Gun

    Very nice.
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    I am making the Halo

    How do u purchase anything at nigtmarearmorstudios, and that halo would be amazing. :shock:
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    Props my Armory

    Aw :roll:
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    Brute Costume

    I might buy that if i wanted to look like a gorilla with a gun.... WAIT I DO ILL TAKE ONE IF ITS DONE!