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    **Official** Titanfall Pepakura Thread

    Aaaaaaannd i thank you. I've been waiting for this version eagerly since this thread started.
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    Grrr! We're freelancers! Red vs Blue WIP

    thanks for the encouragement :D however just yesterday i finished pepping the new attempt. the original one had some warpage that i couldn't fix short of cutting it in half and fusing back together.. which to me seems a lot more work than starting again :/ though this time around i have more...
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    Grrr! We're freelancers! Red vs Blue WIP

    i pulled out an ODST helmet i'd been working on. deciding whether with bondo work, it's salvagable, or to cut my losses and start again. Seeing this thread gave me hop for the bondo..... till i remembered i cant bondo like you =P back to square one... pepakura!
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    My take on the Needler

    The Link for the needler .PDO file is currently invalid =(
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    WHS Red vs. Blue build (Very Pic Heavy)

    man, i been away from this thread far too long. Stupid school/graduation/holidays/Work/procrastination. but the builds are looking very clean :) keep them pics coming
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    Only just noticed now, your chestplate has the Offspring Symbol on it! Props to you my friend ^_^
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    Benjamin Carmine Build [Pic Heavy]

    not trying to thread jack... I tried this helmet too. i made it at 280 but it was still a tad big, but i guess that'd be room for padding.
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    Why do YOU build armor?

    I had developed a full blown Halo CE addiction from years and years of playing... so naturally by the time i found out about Pepakura and what not, i had to give that a go... I just like to be able to hold a tangible object... like the weapon's or the helmets...
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    Benjamin Carmine Build [Pic Heavy]

    Sorry for the double... I dont know if you've gotten a reply yet, but here's the link to the Thread with the Helmet File Jico used... ...its at the very top so you should have no problem finding it...
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    Benjamin Carmine Build [Pic Heavy]

    Hey, did you have any trouble building this file? because i built it 2 days ago, but it appears to be more narrow than it should =/ Oh, by "This File" i meant the helmet...
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    Discussion - Topic: Your First Video Game

    Abe's Odysee all the way... i still remember mum coming home with a PS1 and the demo for that game in 97 =D
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    WHS Red vs. Blue build (Very Pic Heavy)

    ahh, thank you very much.
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    WHS Red vs. Blue build (Very Pic Heavy)

    Sorry to bug you again, but in regards to the Sliced M6G magnum. Did you just cut the pieces out of Cardstock, or did you use cardboard or something? also, do you know what thickness the model is spaced to?
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    Props Focus rifle build (Satchmo III)

    Yeah, tell me about it... I NEED MY FIX! c'mon, dont hold out on a brother!
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    WHS Red vs. Blue build (Very Pic Heavy)

    i've been meaning to ask for a while now. When you made the sliced M6G mkB pistol, what sort of glue did you use? because i was planning to give it a go, but it seems like Hot Glue might not be the best idea...