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    Pepakura Requests

    If anyone gets a chance to look at it, i Think the assassination H4 armor would be an awesome build. Would love to see someone attempt the helmet. -hint hint- thanks in advance :)
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    Halo 4 Pre-order Weapon Skin Giveaway Thank you :)
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    No new news yet. The more i stare at the chestpiece the more i think it doesnt look right. So im starting over using L3xs Version 4. Update VERY soon :)
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    Update time. Been kinda busy with work. 12 hour days are rough when you never get a day off lol. anyways i got the basic shape done, it looks a bit crooked but its because im holding it
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    Grats on being promoted to moderator :-)

    Grats on being promoted to moderator :-)
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    Update.... Still feel kinda noobish to foam. But im not gonna stop till its right lol. I had my firend try to take a pic of me with a Blue Realm Cast i got from Adam, But every one of the pics were very fuzzy. Oh well So i kinda made a mock up to see what it would look like. Opinions?
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    (First Build)- Halo Mark VI Female Build WIP

    First off Welcome to the 405th!!!!! Great job so far. LD or HD so what. As long as you enjoy your hobby thats all that matters. With that in mind i think your off to a great start. If you want the mk6 female torso i believe i have it. Hit me up if ya want it Happy prop making Jack
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    Pony's Halo 4 Master Chief Build

    Your Build is coming along great. Im really digging the gloves. You pay attention to detail, which is gonna make it epic when completed. Cant wait to see more :)
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    Ive been working some serious hours at work. But i found time to hop on here for a bit and give you a small update I decided to do the rest of the suit out of foam and then harden it. I have never done anything with foam. I tried 3 times just so i could get the hang of it This gem is from L3x's...
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    Its just to do the detail work, im going to be casting this helmet. The original wont be wearable Thanks, I was viewing your thread earlier. I like what youve done with your suit, looks great Thanks for viewing Jack
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    My Son's Noble Spartan - NOW COMPLETE - Pic Heavy

    Wow. Your progress is awesome. I love watching builds in progress. Keep it up!!
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    Halo: Reach Custom Spartan[Reboot] Foam Build

    I must say... Your foamwork is awesome. Im gonna b working with foam for the first time. Well see how that goes lol Suit is looking mighty fine so far keep it up
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    Thank you both. The vent details are done with popsicle sticks that were cut down and shaped with a dremel Thank you, Ryan. The helmet is a combination of two pep helmets. The details im working on now are actually made from modeling clay. I intend to cast this one :P Yaar!!! ill update...
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    Halo 4 Spartan IV helmet build

    Absolutely phenominal work Hyper. Hit me up when u cast these babies
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    Jun Build (W.I.P.)

    Lol thank you :-) i just want to make the most accurate scout helm out there. Its gonna be tough but im up for the challenge lol. Another update did a bit more shaping. Im digging the way its shaping up so far. Wont be smoothing out the clay completely till i get everything the way i want it, enjoy