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    How did you find us?

    I watched indy mogul on youtube, and they had a link to this site
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    how much fiberglasscloth, resin and bondo do I need for the Mark VI helmet??
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    Halo 3:odst Or Mark Vi

    I desided to go for the Mark VI before I saw that someone replied (I grew tired of waiting :) ) Thanks for all the replies they would really been of great help if I had not desided on my own before I saw them :p
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    Halo 3:odst Or Mark Vi

    well, I'm gonna make my first armour and I can't deside wether to make a Halo 3: ODST or a Mark VI can someone help me plz? wich is the best for a noob like me??
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    Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread

    Hi, I'm kinda new here, I'm thinking about making an halo armour and I can't diside wether to make Mark IV or ODST wich do you guys think is best for a beginner?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Well I'll better write something here too Name: Andreas Country: Norway(thought that was important :p) Age: I'll be 17 tommorow Hobbys: videogames, archery, making stuff Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite Games: Halo and GOW series, GTA IV and Morrors Edge(can't deside) Other: Like...