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    Halo Costume Party/wedding

    My spartan suit should be done by then and I live by Flint, should be able to attend :)
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    3D Printing

    no problem I do it a lot too :)
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    3D Printing

    He said drafting.
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    Jay's Wip

    Did some bondo work today, not everything though, I didn't have to time today, tomorrow will be a helmet-a-thon and I plan on getting the majority bondo'd. Let me know what you think, and if you have any bondo tricks.
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    Reach Wip

    Looks very nice and neat. Looking forward to updates.
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    Scaling/pepakura Issues

    Hehe, well the wrist thing is right, that way you can scale your wrist size to it, so any wrist can fit. and it is supposed to be bigger but it looks like it may be too big,*goes and looks at poster* the point at the top of the forearm piece should end at your elbow, and it looks like yours...
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    Odst Helmet

    please use the search bar and sizing tutorials as both of these have been answered many many times.
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    Jay's Wip

    Alright Update - Resin and Fiberglass done, some sanding: So to start this off, I did a terrible resin job and it resulted in many drips on the helmet, that wasn't too bad to sand through with a rotary tool. But what really upsets me is that the side of the visor that was not...
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    Halo: Sigma - Fan Film

    Yea I can get some video samples, but it'll take about a week at most, have to get the files onto my home computer.
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    Little Bit Of Help Please

    It depends on how you want to do it. Some people fix the belt to the inside with cloth strips that are in a loop and epoxied to the inside, and then just kind of run the belt through the loops.
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    My First Master Chief Progect. With Lot A Pics.

    Uhh well, people don't cut it, some times they just really thin the inside, but it will be a little awkward, as with any armor. Besides, master chief never puts his arms down, he walks like a wrestler, His shoulders up and elbows out.
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    Daft Punk! Thomas Helm

    There are some detailed instructions on how their helmets were made. I think they rand for around 20 grand a piece :eek
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    Unsc Medic *update 4-29* Bar Code Tattoo *

    I'd say that ODST's are trained in basic medicine but I wouldn't go as far as saying that one is solely a medic. And yea, Spartans are too beast to need medics:)
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    Halo: Sigma - Fan Film

    Blue screens are better anyways, as long as you can work with them. If you need any editing done just hit me up with the files. I have After Effects for special effects and can get whatever other program your planning to use, I use sony vegas and Final Cut Pro. I'm pretty well trained with...
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    The Ultimate Pepakura FAQ

    Well when you print, you can go into the control panel and then printers. From there if you select your printer you can see what's printing if you double click. If there aren't any documents in the que then the printer isn't even receiving the document. If there is one but it is not printing...