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  • The ONLY place I could even think of where you would find that would be the Reach Pepakura thread. Since the creator of the thread HAS NOT been keeping it updated, it MIGHT be posted somewhere in the thread. You could try doing a search, if you haven't already. Sorry, but that is all the help I can give. :(
    I live in the UK, not the US and different things have different names but they are all the same stuff. In the UK ALL card is called 'cardboard' and I'm assuming that 'box-board' is corrugated card. I have tried to give discriptions of everything in the tut.

    oh, on the cardboard stuff, ive seen some amazing stuff with that. Cardstock CAN warp if you are not careful. My shoulders bicep part did warp a bit, but its hardely noticable from a small distance.
    Hey, so the question about the resin on paper. You mean cardstock correct? Normal paper is a hassle, and doesnt keep its form. Cardstock and Resin are made for eachother. You want to make sure that the resin doesnt run and makes the little dribbles. other than that it works great. Try to do maybe 2-3 coats. It helps a lot. after the resin, we put Rondo on the inside of the armor. The mixture contains 2/3rds bondo, 1/3 resin. I would put BOTH hardener in it. REMEMBER the Rondo, goes on the inside. if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
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