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    Paper mache question, does it work?

    Paper Mache DOES work, Its the only thing I've ever used. I think it is very cheap and very accurate, now I know I'm not much of an artist. But I think the Results are good if you take your time. This is my Suit and Assault Rifle that I built out of Cardboard, hotglue and papermache
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    Are there mechs/load lifters in halo?

    Well, when you think about it, While not being as bulky as you mean. All of the Mjolnir Series Armors are Exoskeleton Power lifters. And They were not primarily designed for Lifting and moving objects. But the "prototype" Is the only one of the Halo "series" that resembles the Aliens power...
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    The Offical (and Last) Hidden Blade W.I.P.

    Alright...above is the link for My hidden Blade *NOT COMPLETED* My Question I pose to you people is this...I have the Shoulder Armor made out of cardboard just to give it shape and to be able to fit it around my Shoulder...
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    Halo 3 Elite / Sanghelli leg extentions. Thats as far as I got...
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    Halo 3 Elite / Sanghelli leg extentions.!-WORT!-WORT!-%28translation%29-My-Elite-Build This is my Thread Showing how I did my Elite...The Suit Construction is Paused (too much going on) Enjoy!
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    Sliced armor

    Thats actually not a bad Idea...take the 3d model of the front of the chest...and then make the model slice it Horizontally. You take those Sheets of paper number them from 1 to 100 or whatever, then trace the paper pattern onto cardboard. and stack the cardboard horizontally with make...
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    The Offical (and Last) Hidden Blade W.I.P.

    The mechanism is finished, and it is operational. The blade Isn't obviously finished, that will be the last thing I do. any questions you have just ask me on here..that way more people will know without clicking through link after link. Database sorta thing.
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    My Repaint of my Repaint....repainted (Mrk. 6)

    Sorry, pictures. I didn't get a chance to work on the Turret. SAD FACE. But I have completed the rework of the I can attach weapons to the back
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    My Repaint of my Repaint....repainted (Mrk. 6)

    Thanks for the Compliments everyone. Yeah, I didn't want to go unless it was completely done. thanks alot!...i like cookies....haha Thanks for the compliments, In the photo, if it looks like I'm towering over the camera person...thats because I was. I'm 6'3 barefoot, and with the armor on...
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    My Repaint of my Repaint....repainted (Mrk. 6)

    Well guys, the suit is done....I didn't get to go to the release because I could not find any Oregeno Spraypaint....argh Oh well atleast its done for haloween. Thats all I got...After haloween I'm going to repaint it AGAIN so I can be Sarge from Red V.S. Blue...just gotta make the...
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    LongShot-X's Mark VI HD MJOLNIR Armor - WIP

    Hurry it up its been almost 3 minutes :)
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    My Repaint of my Repaint....repainted (Mrk. 6)

    never thought of that...hmmm. Right now I'm just waiting for the Papermache to dry, then I'm gonna sand it, and mache the rest. the whole release attendace hinges on hobby lobby getting Oregeno S.S.F by monday...otherwise i'm sunk. And I have the entire suit done exept for the belt and boots...
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    My Repaint of my Repaint....repainted (Mrk. 6)

    ...several weeks later.... whoooo, almost there....