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    Foam Holly Tanaka (Technician)

    wow.... terrific !!! btw how thick the eva foam you're using
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    Halo 2 Anniversary ODST - A return to form

    sir, yes sir....!!!! understood '-')7
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    Halo 2 Anniversary ODST - A return to form

    wow that was great job....!!! and also thanks for the file, the detail that i seek was clear now good lord now i'm confuse to decide making airsoft gear between marines and H2 odst (lol) :lol: :lol:
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    In-Engine Armor References [Source Film Maker]

    woaah..............!?!?! this one...... that i was looking for so long now i can build my airsoft gear thanks you !!! and welcome !!! '-')7
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    Inspired to build an ODST KIT

    can i know what is the difference with ordinary pvc board ? 'coz i just bought it for my next marine armor for airsoft gear
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    Trying Epoxy Clay for Pepakura Helmet

    now it's been a while since i wrote my last here my grandma got hospitalized for her lungs back then so i must be with her for almost 3 weeks to take care of her oke now i'll update my works but still it's half way trough a week after i'm home i got the way around my papercraft helmet...
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    Trying Epoxy Clay for Pepakura Helmet

    aaahh.... i'm sorry that's just my cam, it got dirt inside the lens, dunno why :D
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    Mesh - ODST BDU

    great work !!! i'll make this as my suit reference
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    can i place one here too :D built in eva foam and depron foam my suit is just thin jacket with motocycle vest and black jeans lol:lol:
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    New recruit here, with his first question.

    welcome SLDR1234 i'm waiting for your nice work done and have a great journey
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    MA5C painting

    almost like this one :D
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    Halo Outpost Discovery Make-A-Wish Event - Friday

    i hope i can going there too but i can't since i got final test for 2 weeks also hell far away ha ha ha
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    MA5C painting

    wow the paint is great btw it look like terminator theme lol try some triagle and unsc decal on it
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    Trying Epoxy Clay for Pepakura Helmet

    and now for my current progress before use epoxy clay it beter for me to coat it on the outer surface with surfacer paint since i don't want see paper got some dirt on it and my workplace is always got dust everyday after i clean it ha ha ha :lol: :lol: (oops...... too much surfacer) i...
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    Trying Epoxy Clay for Pepakura Helmet

    in this section i want to try something with epoxy clay to make pepakura helmet hard enough the technique just like bondo, coat it in the inner surface then let it cure why i'm using epoxy clay ? because i just bough epoxy clay and i don't know what for it loool:lol: and the i try use it for my...