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    Hey Jim
    Well I was wondering for the odst hinge shoulder
    How did u scaled it
    by your height or some sort ?
    And I wanted to kno how u made the grooves on your helmet
    Sadly I dont have the mask for resin so I'm goin to use wood glue titebond and fiberglass cloth to hardened a wrongly scaled shoulder piece to see how strong it comes out... Thanks again
    If you could on a scale of one to ten how hard would you say the odst helm is? Its for a friend, i recently made and eod and i love it but my friend is dying to have an odst and h wants to make it.
    Hi! I had a question: how hard is it to pep an ODST? as in contrast to other builds, such as a Spartan? I have always loved ODST, ever since I got the game a couple years ago, and to be honest, I think only Reach tops it. But I was just curious, as I saw your ODST thread and was just curious as to whether or not it is as difficult as building a Spartan.
    yea thats what i did when i started out but now that i lve in the middle of nowhere in a small town where most of the people cant tell the difference between halo and quake it is kinda hard but my mom has a netbook but i have to work up 321 bucks to buy it off of her which sucks talk about family love right?
    sadly yes and it still doesnt work so i guess it looks like im just going to have to buy a new netbook so i can get back t armor
    yea i understand completely but the sad part about my building progress for armor is that i have a macbook and i cant find any pepakura file openers for it
    highschool i hate school but other that that in trying to find a widescreen monitor so i can make my portable xbox 360 laptop
    hey if you need some advise or have questions ask me i may noy have a blog up and running yet but message me if you have any.

    Scar 405
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Mar 18, 1993 (Age: 31)
Steel City, PA
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