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    Iron Man Faceplate Project

    i probably got a face plate that would pass for the mark 3 might save ya some build time the helmet got dropped and broke so i was thinkin of doing something similar except making a desk display with custom stand
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    Pep Sharing

    im interested in the dead space stuff thanks
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    Halo 4 undersuit (undecided on armor)

    ok dont know if it would help but found some foam shelf material the kinda has the pattern for a good undersuit its called easy brand shelf liner
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    Halo 4 Helmet Request Thread

    Kyre thanks for venator unfoldmy sons been wanting this one im personally waiting on the Fotus helm :)
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    hi just checkin what kinda pricing ya got on the damaged Eod helm vs a good pull ty

    hi just checkin what kinda pricing ya got on the damaged Eod helm vs a good pull ty
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    "Halo4" ForgedReclaimer's Pepakura Database

    yup im waiting for the new chief helmet as well if i had some better ref pics of armor i would probably start a foam build
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    anyway we could get a 405th contingent to go to the Kansas City Fan Con?

    well kansas city is a several hrs from me im in the boothell of missouri but working on a flexfoamit MKVI if i can get it done by then i might consider it
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    Predators The Falconer Mask wip

    i like this mask i buit the p1 mask from pep and been doing some checking on TheHuntersLair web site and the mask should be about 12" across the widest part but so far yours looks great i need to break down and get rundowns file but im working on my sons Pred outfit for this year but all in all...
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    My Ironman Helm

    Thanks everyone the ears yes they are a little larger than normal but the plan was after molding (smoothcast is a little easier to sand and work with)when i cut the ears out again i would bevel them to the proper size and shape its took me about a month on and off to get there but i only...
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    My Ironman Helm

    well ive been away from forums a bit but pop in everynow and then and all the new and great Ironman stuff got(forced) me into doin myself an iron man helm well here it is ok the groove lines are only drawn on for now and the faceplate has not been removed(easier to...
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    Props Brute Shot

    Great job guys i got mine just sitting there waiting on some resin but casue i have to work outside the weather is not letting me :(
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    His Name Is Ithica

    happy birthday i would call you old but im older :p
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    Props Brute Shot

    THAT LOOKS GREAT! your skill with no numbers still amazes me lol
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    Predator Bio Pep

    just a quick note you can use red LED's also thats what i did on mine dont want to hijack but you can look in my photobucket album and maybe get some idea's
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    Predator Bio Pep

    that a great loooking Bio i used the same file for one me and my son built let him choose the paint scheme though i think yours turned out better as far as color and effect