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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a cricket jockey, hard to saddle the little suckers. I started out life as a lawyer, hated it, became a police officer, loved it (13 years) and now work in enforcement for a government regulatory agency.
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    Spartan needed in Ottawa Feb 4

    Also have to decline...
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    Solid advice.
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    He’s back baby!

    Woo hoo!
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    I want to make halo armor but I dont know where to start???

    Another really good piece of advice is to have a build thread. We all love our own builds but we also love to share in the experience of each other's builds. It also allows you to ask questions, share knowledge and gain support. Builds can and do often take a while to complete so it helps to...
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    3D Printed MK VI Master Chief

    Great neck seal! Nice to finally do a full suit up eh?
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    He’s back baby!

    No, Probably just the lighting, my weight has been the same for twenty years...
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    He’s back baby!

    Thanks, it was fun to make!
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    He’s back baby!

    Thank you!
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    He’s back baby!

    Halloween is coming....
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    He’s back baby!

    Chief has been collecting dust in the closet for two years. But this Saturday he will emerge from his slumber to do battle and party like it’s just before Halloween! Seriously though, I am excited to put the armour back on. I did a suit up today to check for anything that needs to be fixed...
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    he4thbar's 1st Build(complete) - ODST

    He4thbar, looks amazing man, Great work, and I love the true ODST cat, he looks as badass as you do.
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    First Build - Halo ODST

    Good luck with the sanding! #ihatesandingbondo #sandingbondodrovemetofoam
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    Reach Build 3.0

    The foam work looks really nice, i love the detail pieces with the craft foam. Using a dremmel to sand the inside may work depending on how much, Or little, room you need to make. I did this with the wrist piece of my forearm and it worked out well. Can I ask why a chicken foot with a bow?