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    Props If I Had A Super Weapon...

    .............*(Spartant T81 got no words of this)* UUUHHHH
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    Spartant Hd Thigh's Obj Help Modeleren Needed

    Eey guys my costume almost finisht i do only need the thighs bud the problem is that under width does not fith with my under leggs i tryed 10 times and it doenst fith. if there is a modeleren that pleas help me with this i only need thos parts to do than i'm done. here is a pic: if you can...
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    Bob's Iron Man Mark Vi

    Nice work on the helmet and great work on the cardboard work to keep it up.
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    Help For Size Testers Thighs And Shoulders

    is there s test thigh and shoulder that can be te samen as the HD shoulder's and thighs so i can't spand to many paper on it. pleas help thos parts do i only need than i'm done with the spartan costume. Spartan T81 Armor info Helmet: DONE Chest: DONE COD: DONE Handplates : DONE shoes...
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    Master Chief Post Halo 3 Has Been Located!

    one word OOH MY f***ING GOD
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    Modeling Help I Need Lesson's

    ooh wow next time i will thanks him i know him good he's making always good models i will learn from him thanks for the link :D
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    Modeling Help I Need Lesson's

    i want to start my own desighn of models armor bud i seriuos a noob in modeling. so if someone can help me with teaching me how to model it will be great by making helmet chest etc. so pleas help :p
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    Reach Armor By Spartan-029

    nice helmet i want to unfold for you if you want you can send me a link to my profile and i will unfold it for you :D
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    Whos Making A Halo Reach Pep Files?

    thanks guys
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    Whos Making A Halo Reach Pep Files?

    okay i will look buf thit rundown started a topic about his pep armor or not?
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    Whos Making A Halo Reach Pep Files?

    okay i'm looking for 4 hours or i'm looking on the wrong word or title or i'm to stupid or blind to see it
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    Whos Making A Halo Reach Pep Files?

    title says it all =D
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    Modeling The Mark Iv

    any ways good work on it even i want to learn to make modells like the great master's xD any ways good work keep it up
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    They Just Dont Make Odsts' Like They Used To

    omg i hear from my mother today that will come a ice time its coming back slowly becues the one line with the planets that why it cold every were
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    They Just Dont Make Odsts' Like They Used To

    let me help you with the global warming of the world......... its snowing weeks in holland that never been like 92 years ago... the archo people say that people whos doing this work a corrupt they mess with the number of the earth's warms... so in short words its bull-$#!T (sorry to say that)...