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    I have nothing but im trying to think
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    what about I have no idea
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    My SLAR

    What place is that?
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    HALO Master Chief Suit @ WCG Singapore 2007

    That kinda looks like a..a..i got nothing
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    Halo 3: The ride (must be 7', 1000lbs. to enter this ride)

    I hope they make a suit of armor for the ride! That would be cool!
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    My Halo Comic

    Do you think I could make your comic alot more funnier just pm me i got some Ideas and tell me how old are you then i ll be fine
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    What do Elites eat?

    are you going to do a transfer? I think the grutns like to skate board and eat the grunt transfer!
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    Halo uprising

    :thumbsup: see what it looks like! :whistle:
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    Halo uprising

    I have no clue!
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    What do Elites eat?

    srry but imagine perry abnormal but any ways what are you doingat your house?
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    Next in the Halo Universe

    what does FTW mean?
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    What do Elites eat?

    Dude what if perry winkle was drinking an elite's...UGH UGH!
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    HAhAHA! Scary perry would love his own flavor! Actually the elites would love to have his flavor...OMG what did I just say!UGHUGH!
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    Next in the Halo Universe

    Halo wars would be cool also Lord of the rings battle for middle earth!