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    Making my own set of armor, any tips?

    woooow dude nice pep work just remember to just take your time and do your best on it and when your done you can say i did my best on it and thats all i cud of done keep up the awesome work
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    next helmet to build vote pole

    well coolc where do i put this thread at then
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    next helmet to build vote pole

    alright hey all of yall 405th members out there im haing some trouble deciding which helmet i sshould build for my next project its kinda came down to either the reach noble 6 the reach eod or the reach pilot helmet if yall would let me know which yall think i should build i would really...
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    halo items for sale

    alrite i got these couple things im wanting to get rid of i hope it is ok to post this stuff for sale on here but i have a halo 3 scout helmet it still needs work done to it and then i got a halo 2 odst helmet its almost done maybe a little more work it shouldnt take much to finish it then i got...
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    Tactonyx Halo Weapons Thread

    y man cud u email me cuz i cant reply to u on here ur inbox is full here is my email so we can talk about wat we were talkin about thanks.
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    Youth ODST/Spartan Hybrid WIP

    hey do you think u can do any better
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    introducing myself

    hey all of yall out there on my name is john2daextreme and i have loved playing halo sine 1 of my buddies got me into it about 2 to 3 years ago and i started building halo armor about 2 years ago and i just like doing this kinda stuff it takes time work money and patience but once its...
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    halo reach noble 6 helmet project
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    Props Juliet76's Blueprints

    nice job on the assault rifle
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    Props Juliet76's Blueprints

    awesome job on the blue prints thanks
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    Hughs Odst Build

    good work on the helmet
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    Custom Mjolnir based on Reach

    dang dude awesome work on the armor
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    Custom Mjolnir based on Reach

    hey man good job on the helmets