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    Let's Be Honest. Halo 3:odst Is *edit* Ok!

    I won't lie, I'm glad they could flip vehicles too, because God knows I would have been walking a lot otherwise lol. I was just like "He shouldn't be able to do that... but thank goodness he can..." haha!
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    Let's Be Honest. Halo 3:odst Is *edit* Ok!

    Correct me if I'm wrong... but I don't think an ODST should be able to flip an overturned warthog or rip a turret off its base so easily... That kinda ticked me off a little bit. They're just normal guys that are good at what they do, like SEALs, right? They're not bio-genetically enhanced...
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    Any Mississippi / Alabama 405Thers Around?

    well, I'm close enough! Memphis, TN here :D
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    Gundam Helm Starting Pics

    I'm very eager to see how this turns out! Keep on truckin :]
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    Making A Pep Weapon

    Yeah, I'm with LastSpartan, I use the Loctite Control Gel, and you definately get what you pay for. I love the stuff. :D
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    So... I've Got A Wip. (daftspartan)

    Thanks sky! I'm hoping that the scaling on all of my pieces end up somewhat proportional, but it's kind of a hit-and-miss. But you're right, the underarmor over my skin and bones doesn't help much either, haha. Much thanks! I think arms will come next, I have the right shoulder scaled and...
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    So... I've Got A Wip. (daftspartan)

    Here's the double post, but I have an update. I glassed and bondoed the chest, attached the hinge and the pieces to keep it together, and all that's left to do is paint. Opinions are gladly welcomed :D
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    Blue Shoulder And Knee Lights - Tut

    I really like this idea. It's simple, practical, and the results are outstanding. Good thinking!
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    Hello From Arkansas! :)

    Hello Chuck! Greetings from a fellow Arkansan :D I live about 20 minutes from the St. Jude Hospital in downtown Memphis, since you mentioned it, but was wondering where you reside, if you don't mind saying. I'm using my armor for my church's "trunk-or-treat" for the kids, I'm hoping they'll...
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    So... I've Got A Wip. (daftspartan)

    Thanks! actually, I tried to scale it on my own, but I apparently screwed up my proportions, because the dimensions were too big, so I printed it out at the default scale, and it fits like a "glove"
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    Binarycode's Armor (wip)

    So... it barely fits your head? That might turn out to be a bit of a problem... The fiberglass will take up a little space, but the issue is being able to put in padding and still have your head fit in it. Do you think there's room?
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    Scene Hair Styles For Guys?

    Oh come now gentlemen... let's play nice. I find myself a rather respected and highly regarded young man, despite my appearance. I'm one of the class valedictorians (tied GPAs), captain of the varsity soccer team, an eagle scout, senior class representative on the student council, among many...
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    My Odst Helmet And Armor Update On Pg 13 Wip

    When can we expect an entire ODST from ya, link?
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    Props Garland's Weapon Files

    Ooh... This looks nice! So when can we expect a model that you're satisfied with and an unfold? :D
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    Hayabusa Chest

    Everything looks nice! Keep it up skip