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    JF140's Jun WIP for Reach Release-New Robo Craft

    Any update on the helmet pieces scaling, im about to start work on raziels. I like the fact that its seprate but at the same time this could end up just being a big headache.
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    Jorge 052 Armor Build

    Your Jorge is looking awesome! I started work today on my Jun armor. If your in northern Mexico you should totally come up for comic con next year and well get a rockin noble team put together! :D
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Joshua Profession: Manage a movie theater, freelance graphic design, GTEP AF pararescue come april. Age: 19 Favorite Hobby: Hiking, Doing extreamly stupid things Favorite part of halo: ODST, 100% human, 100% badass Favorite Halo: ODST/Reach (pending :P) Favorite Video Game: Batman Arkham...