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  • Hi, I am thinking about making a "Reach Sniper Rifle" - but the shell will encase my airsoft VSR10 - Do you have a Blueprint of Sniper rifle bro? - great work, truly a commited devotee to the halo universe

    Mendez would be proud. lol :)
    @monk1junk1- No bloop gun blueprints that I'm aware of yet. One of my albums linked to the M6B has reference pictures though. Link4044 is part way through a build on one, but he probably won't get back onto that until the CNC'd MA37 is finished.
    Juliet, thanks for the pics, but i think i would also need some dimensions, so i'll just wait untill you get around to it, im in no hurry, just shoot me an email if you finish them, my email is in one of my previous messages :)

    oh, also do you know of any grenade launcher blueprints??
    @ Sniper T53- Glad you like the blueprints. As for a more detailed blueprint of the machete- sorry mate, that's not how it works 'round here. I try to give the main dimensions so it can be scaled fairly accurately. The two most common methods of using hobby prop blueprints are- 1) printing the blueprint to the full size and cutting out the views to use as templates. 2) Doing a normal printout of the blueprint and taking measurments with a ruler then scaling them up to the dimensions given.

    Now in engineering it's a definate no-no to take dimensions off of a drawing, but this isn't engineering it's a hobby, and a great one at that. And when people like Leekegan and S1l3nt V1p3r can get the sort of results they do with limited dimensions listed it's hard to argue with results like what they come up with.

    Welcome to the world of hobby prop building my friend. ;)
    dear sir i like your blue brints for UNSC knives, im particularly fond of the Machete, i was wondering if you could make a print with a bit more specific measurements, im real big on realism and want my grunt cleaver to be just perfect. you can reach me at kidbuu51@yahoo.com thank you in advance have a nice day
    hey juliet, do you know of any halo reach pistol blueprints? i'd really like some but i don't know where any are :)
    Hey for your Heroic Shield Can you use a band saw instead of a scroll saw?

    @ Cubic Omayga- Not too far away, I'm at Kedron.

    @ RedWolf- The short answer? With time, paitence and sharp tools. The way in which you could make stuff out of timber from my blueprints are as varied as how different people draw the same picture. If you're a beginner I'd recommend checking out in detail people like Lee, S1l3nt V1p3r and smick6's build pictures, as well as different wood working forums.

    If you're intermediate, most people print the blueprints out at full size and take measurements from off of that for the various parts. Hope that's of some help.

    Note: I'm currently reviewing my dimensions on the MA37 and will be doing the same on the M45, keep an eye on the blueprints thread for the results. If I find that the sizes need to be changed for better builds I'll re-release them with new dimensions.
    Hi there, I've asked a similar question to Leekegan, I've seen your reach Assault Rifle and shotgun blueprints and was wondering, how would I make those weapons out of wood?
    Yep, I mentioned it in my post letting know that the kukri was up. Should have it up within the week.;)
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