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    Finheads Ironman Build - Prototype Hing With Chin Movement P.10

    "Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave! With a box of scraps! " :p
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    Finheads Ironman Build - Prototype Hing With Chin Movement P.10

    Years ago was into RC aircraft, there was a lot of trial and error with the building of some planes. Larger ones used 2 servos to control (for example) the elevator, one on each side, used a splitter cable from to receiver to the servos to get the same signal. Space-wise you might be able to...
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    Finheads Ironman Build - Prototype Hing With Chin Movement P.10

    Hmm.. Looking that over the attachment point for the servo (I'm assuming it's up top) would put quite a strain on it. If you put the connection point about half way down the short red arm, (in Fox w 's diagram) would reduce some strain, but would require a greater travel (gearing?). Though...
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    Iron Man Mashup Pep File

    Very nice, I just might try this helmet as a replacement to Dungbeetles that I tried. No offense to the Beetle. His turned out find when I pepped it, was my error, used 65 lb stock which isn't holding up as well as I would like in the resining phase. Was going to redo it with the 110 lb stock...
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    Iron Man Faceplate Hinge

    Very nice. Simple and effective, the dual connection points would remove a lot of "slop" from the lift. Could easily do a servo hook-up, I've seen the circuit designs already done on here, but not much talk about the actual servo types being used (or considered). Might I throw this type out...
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    Other Costumes We want

    Well, since Iron Man ad War Machine are currently being done, Has anyone started on the Comic book version of Crimson Dynamo? There are a few different variations, but I kinda like these.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, also been lurking for a while, amazing work done here. Name: Anthony Profession: Jack of many trades, master of none Location: Canada Age: 46 Favourite Hobby: Been building plastic models nearly all my life Favourite Food: Chicken. Favourite Drink: Coffee, being Canadian, it's...