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    Bram's ODST armor WIP (Pic Heavy)

    Wow everything looks so clean. Very good job!
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    So….. What next? Infinity Ward "Halo like game"?

    I'd like to see a game with Spartan-III's. There is a lot space to fill out.
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    Cujo's ODST Armor Begins!

    So foam is the new pepakura^^ You're very skilled. Keep up the good work!
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    @spartan227 man get started. building an armor is a great experience! @Road Kill Thanks! Your words flatter me :)
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    Halo 3 ODST Build

    Man that sucks that some pieces were too small. It's frustrating when you have to redo some parts. I had to pep my shoulders twice because the first ones were too big :/ But I really like your foam parts. You also have a fast progress. keep it up!
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    Thank you, The last sentence made me lough out loud ^^ And thanks to xlasernoobsx & TD2253. Comments like these are a very nice reward for all that time spend working on the armor. All you 405th guys and girls are great!
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    ~CHAINGUN OF DOOM WIP~ (Picture Heavy)

    this is amazing! can't wait to see it finished
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    thanks guys ^_^
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    Thank you all. @wiezel Do you have German in school in Canada? @Grave_Hawk No it's not under the screw, I mispelled it a bit maybe. It's -under- it. Don't know how to describe it XD @zero-sama No I bought it. It's like a molle vest. I will make some more pics of me wearing it when more...
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    Thank you guys! @wiezel P029 is that random number I've got while playing Halo Reach multiplayer. 4./23 was the number of my group while I was in the German army. 11 is my favourite number :D
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    This is my first Mark VI build so far, let me know what you think so far. :)

    Wow this looks so beautiful. You did a very very good job so far. Ah and btw I also love Mountain Dew :D
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    So I FINALLY got time to make some photos with a real camera :D Let's begin: This is the back armor. I mounted every piece with screws on a flexible rubber mat. This is my tactical vest with everything mounted to it. This makes dressing really easy. The grenades took some...
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    So here is a picture of me and a friend of mine with our Haloween costumes. I'll get other pictures up soon.
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    help my daughter win a costume contest!

    voted! good luck
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    thx Spartan Will! so we bought those sexy walkie talkie sets to build them into our helmets. mine is already build in and it works pretty good. helmet pics will follow when it is finished.