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    110Lbs Cardstock ?

    I'm trying to think of ways for you to save money on this without a reduction of quality and here's what I've come up with (just so you have an idea of what you're getting yourself into should you choose to get into it) Paper (110lb cardstock from Walmart) $6 for 150 sheets: To give you an...
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    Soft Parts Shoes For Armor Boots, Update 9-25-08

    Out of curiosity...why would you need to slip these on and off? The MC suit isn't exactly leisure wear. Personally I'd think that tactical boots would be ideal since they're high up the leg, provide lots of support (for lots of standing) and more generally just look the part. Whatever you...
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    My Mark Vi Mix And Match Suit

    You could always just be a spartan with ridiculously beefy arms. At least the chest/helmet look like they fit right. Those are the most time consuming to pep afterall. Looks really nice though. It's cool to see someone building the scout helmet. It wasn't really ever my favorite perm but...
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    110Lbs Cardstock ?

    Oh, and don't skimp on the respirator! The 30 bucks you'll pay for one will pay off when you don't have lung cancer later in life.
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    Nerf Assault Rifle/bolt-Snub Pistol/maybe Smg

    This looks really great. I just bought a recon with the intent to modify it to be a H3 SMG but this is giving me second thoughts. Nice work!
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    110Lbs Cardstock ?

    They sell 110lb cardstock at walmart. It's like 5 bucks for 300 sheets I think? It's really not altogether unreasonable for the benefits you get from using it. You could probably get away with 80lb...maybe even 60...but the way I look at it is this: Pepping up a model (especially a nice one)...
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    M41 Ssr Mav Aw Aka The Spnkr

    Wow. This looks just incredible. Looks like I have something else to add to my list...
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    Aqua Resining

    You don't need it. Aqua Resin is just an alternative to polyester resin. If you can't get ahold of aqua resin, just use regular resin (it's what most of us do). Just be sure to use a respirator because resin is toxic.
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    Problems And Known Issues In Wearing Spartan Armor

    Adult diapers. No but seriously I'd try to go before you suit up and be prepared for it to take awhile if you end up having to.
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    Problems And Known Issues In Wearing Spartan Armor

    Probably in a pocket in a pair of shorts under your undersuit or something. or you could build a pocket into your armor for the stuff...but that'd be more effort...
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    My Halo Armor

    You work fast! Looks good, can't wait to see the detailing.
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    Finished Pepping My First Project!

    Looks nice and clean for a first pep. Nice job!
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    Props Need An Ammo Counter?

    Very nice. Can it count down any faster than it shows in the video or is that pretty much it?
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    Red Paint

    Krylon's paints are always nice, as Ithica pointed out. I'd definitely suggest getting matte paint (but that's just my personal preference. Glossy paint ends up looking to plastic-like in my opinion). As for getting the right color red: Keep in mind that it's all about layering colors over...
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    Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor

    It's looking really nice. Should be a very unique piece once you finish it.