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    I go to santa cruz to surf when ever I can.
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    Personalized 405th Business Cards

    Honestly, I like it. I like how the front looks neat and not so...welll busy lol.
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    hmmm... halo a tv series

    Only if it's on HBO :sleep: If they make a live action series, on syndicated TV..... >_<
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    Hands down, Funniest halo 3 review ever

    hahaha I love it. honestly I started watching the video thinking its going to be a dumb parody but its actually worth a watch. good stuff
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    What to believe?

    /ditto Couldn't have said better my self lol. I for damn sure couldn't believe at the disappointing ending. (not trying to argue with anyone who liked it, just saying I personally didn't)
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    I'm currently a full time student working on my bachelors in computer science. I work for a relay center. Basically I make phone calls for deaf people.
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    Official - Bungie Leaves Microsoft

    lol I knew some one was going to say that after my post. I'm not really a fan boy of either. I have a 360 and I have a ps3, and I love my 360 I just hate Microsoft. I was just saying i would love to be able to play halo on my psp (get a little halo in before class and what not). Blu-ray would...
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    Ninja Saga Continues

    I can totally see Red VS. Blue doing a power ranger episode about that lol.
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    Ninja Saga Continues

    I totally agree. This has to be the lamest thing I have seen in the game =/ but once again I blame this on MS not Bungie. I bet they forced it in, so the game would have a bigger appeal to japans market....blah >_< (sorry don't mean to sound like a negative nancy)
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    Official - Bungie Leaves Microsoft

    lol I love your optimism, but there is no way Bungie has enough money to buy out MS =( I personally would LOVE to see Halo go over to the sony side, just because I know sony would allow them much more creative freedom. Like for instance, I hate how Halo has always been a rated M game with very...
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    Photo Contest

    yeaaah i know hhuh, gosh what a noob :sleep: (j/k lol) The pic is sweet :) , wish I had some to put up.
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    Hayabusa Helmet is kinda gay

    Yaaa, I was thinking the same thing. Like adam said, I feel the armor is so out of place. I loved it at first, but after wearing it for about an hour meh. Now a lot of people have it and it makes the game look, well weird. The only reason Bungie probably added that armor to the game, is to...
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    My Friend got the SAMURAI Helmet in Halo 3.

    I got all mee skulls today with my buddy. There actually really easy to get if u co-op. We had a hard time at first, but once we realized it could be done on normal it was cake :) The armor looks great you guys ill love, I didnt realise it was more like Ninja Gaiden armor :sleep: .... now to...
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    Anyone Here have anything but legendary?

    I wanted to get the collectors, but they were out when I went to reserve. So I just have the regular edition, sucks cause I really wanted to see all the videos that came on the collectors.
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    Halo Short # 3!!!OMG 5 minutes long!

    holey nutsack the new short is amazing O_O