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    crackhead09's Pepakura Tutorial

    whats the best place to start? the bottom, top, sides? OH! and i was wondering... has anyone ever thought of using paper mache for this?
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    Problem With Avatar?

    im so sorry i dont know where to put this. but im having trouble with my avatar. everytime i try to change it, it ends up being the same photo even though i KNOW the file is different. again im so sorry just didnt know where else to put this. thank you ^^
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    Female Suit Of Armor?

    WOW seeing everyone elses armor on here makes me feel like crap already, i could never do that good T.T. yes for the most part i would LOVE to have it exactly like in the pic. i think i have a weird body though LOL. i am 5 foot 4 and i have a long torso with short legs and well umm big boobs...
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    Female Suit Of Armor?

    thank you! HEHE there seems to be a lot of people from texas here, i like that :D i was wanting something feminine yet practical too. i had envisioned 3 phases of the suit. the first is the armor but in full body suit, then halfway with the chest area and belly showing (with helmet on), then...
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    Female Spartan Chest Plate

    OMG where can i find these?!?!?! i want one sooo bad!!! anyone have the PDO files or is it free hand?
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    Female Suit Of Armor?

    oh no its not mine =P i do wish i could make the suit of armor though but i have no idea how to use pepakura besides viewing and printing.
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    Female Suit Of Armor?

    I apologize if anyone has done this already... but is there any PDO files that are close to the female spartan suit shown in this resin cast? it would be much appreciated. im VERY new to this, LMAO like tonight new XD im really bad with casting and such any help would be much appreciated ^^
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    How did you find us?

    i saw a video on youtube on how to make the armor and got intrigued! i love halo and enjoyed playing it when i had an xbox. i always wanted to make a female spartan suit and the youtube video led me here which led me to female spartan suits :D