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  • Things have been better, but hey, that's life right? Thanks for the good luck wishes. What's wrong? Is everything alright with you man? Hopefully it's just a lack of funds and not something serious :(
    Chest, waist, shins and thighs are complete minus lights and strapping but that won't take long to do. Forearms and boots shall completed in roughly 3 days.
    Oh my... with paint in my hands things seem to get moving along oh so quickly now. Should have most all of the painting done by the end of the weekend!
    Got my paint from the Home Depot yesterday and primed most everything. Gunna glass the last few pieces today, smooth out the primed pieces and get it all ready for the base color coat for tomorrow.
    Dude! That's an awesome pic of Rinzler! I want to male that sort of suit but, sadly, I don't have an experience making that sort of thing. You should post that in one of the other threads. Creation discussion would love it I think. There are people that will pep stuff like that if they're into it. Sadly though, it's just a tad to complicated. It would be more elastic body suit with LED's and plastic on it than the kind of armor you see around here. The helmet is doable I think.
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