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I'm Kaitlin, or Kitkat, or whatever really and I'm the F.O for Georgia. I love Halo:Reach, it's the reason I got an xbox and the reason I started costuming and has definitely shaped my life in a lot of ways. I love making new friends despite being an introvert lol so hmu if you wanna chat about armor or games or if you wanna meet up at a con! Here are some things I love: dogs, The Elder Scrolls, a bunch of other games, crafting armor, Halloween time, playing card/board games, painting, and my family. I paint for a living, mostly miniatures, sometimes things for movies (which seems like way too cool of a job for me to have), sometimes trophies for game events, I do it freelance though so it's not constant work. I also dog-sit every once in a while which I love. I hope to post here more often, which shouldn't be hard considering I just have to beat my record of once a year lol. I have created two sets of Halo:Reach armor, one for myself and one for my friend, who created our undersuits. I have plans for another Reach suit, some weapons, a Halo 5 suits, and maybe a Halo 4 suit. Like I said, I love making new friends or chatting about armor, and if anyone local to Georgia wants to plan an armor party (peeps getting together to craft) or a LAN party, I'd be happy to help organize!!
Aug 14, 1997 (Age: 26)
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