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    Reach and mass effects, its been awhile for me

    I searched many home improvement and hardware type stores and the only place that I managed to find Plasti-dip in-stock was at Lowe's. It's in the same area as the spray paint.
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    Trying my hand at armormaking

    Hello everybody, I have been stalking these boards for a few months now and have been referencing them to help me learn how to do stuff like this. At first, I just wanted to see if I could actually do it, and now it's interested me enough to probably pursue it as a hobby and make more and...
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    Foam Armoring

    Has anybody tried using the Krylon Fusion spray paints on the foam? I only had q dark grey around so it is hard to see how well it worked. It seemed to have the same wrinkling effect as you described with plasti-dip and paint but only under extreme bending and rubbing. The paint is for "hard to...