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    Incredibly Beast Halo Wars Marine Armor

    I found this not sure if it will help though.
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    Iron man helmet pep model DONE AND UNFOLDED!

    i tried doing this but this was probably most frustating piece of pep i have ever done >:(
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    Painting My Armor

    Why shouldnt i paint pepped pieces :S i mean i've resined bondo'd etc?
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    Painting My Armor

    I just Pepped and resined my Right bicep mk vi armor sanded down etc. What paint should i use and should i use a base paint? :I Btw i was trying to get the original Master chief colour
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    New Registration Open Until Jan 1

    Omg i have waited so long for this!! THANK YOU!! I Started with a right bicep just for trail and error and for scaling =D I need to start a thread with pics ^^,