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    Mongoose Thread- Update 03/27/10

    Wow what a great idea, but if I did it I would go all the way and build it myself from metal, with help of the Pepakura files. Very nice idea cant wait for the end result. Thanks Chris Aka Knox
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    Super Hd Halo Wars Mk Iv Armor

    Yer im the same I like Halo Mark IV armour becouse it looks Huge for the upper body. Like a American Foot Baller's Padding.
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    Timecon's Odst

    Wow looks great.
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    Belakor's Halo 3D Weapon Models

    Wow, this is so great I lost in the detail.
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    New Torso

    Good Idea, ill keep that in mind for my Projects.
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    Odst Game Helmet

    Wow, NIce Im Going to try join the ODST ELites.
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    Mini Project - Updated 7-12-09

    Nice I Didn't think of that as a idea, Knox. Live the Halo way....
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    Halo Mark Vi Armor W.i.p.

    Nice i was thinking of starting a project but havent had the time.
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    Naval Pilot (update Starting The Full Armor)

    Man this IS so alsome
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    My M6g Finished

    It looks so...... so good, but can I Just Ask are you going to kit set them?
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    Naval Pilot (update Starting The Full Armor)

    omg This is awesome so awesome
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    Halo 3 Eod Helmet

    Man I love this website it has soo much work people are doing like this that is alsome keep up the good work.
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    Halo Wars Energy Sword Idea

    IF i DId this i would not use glass, if it shatters your going to get hert
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    Complete Noob List

    um... Walmart We dont have that down under...
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    How Much Detail Is Enough?

    I like Detail IT makes people look at you and say Master Chief, not wow nice costume. I’m going to make my rogue helmet As detailed as possible.