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    Halo on Xbox One

    I heard that Halo 2 for november and halo 5 gets pushed to next year.
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    Am I doing this right?

    How so exactly??
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    Am I doing this right?

    It is not a .obj ore pdo, it is a jpeg...
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    Am I doing this right?

    I have started to 3D model, or I should say tried to 3D model, I have been messing around in Inventor and was wondering if this how you guys model. This was just a quick thing I did, not meant to be precise. Do you just get reference pictures and draw on them and extrude or no?
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    [W.I.P] My FALLOUT Projects (Pic Heavy)

    Glad we have you back!
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    Pepakura File Hosting Site

    Full support for this!!!
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    I have pepped a few pieces and finally got some resin so when I head back home I want to give one of my helmets a shot with some resin, but I have some hesitations about it and would like some mentoring!
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    Skyrim:Dragon Priest Masks

    you gonna make more copies to sell?
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    First build on the dragon priest mask (WIP) (PICS)

    Yes! More Skyrim projects! Looking good!
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    The Blade of woe. SINGLE PAGE UNFOLD!

    Thanks man this is awsome
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    Elder Scrolls Online Pep file designer needed!

    I would take that spoiler out, as crazy as it sounds, some people have not played the campaign of Halo 4 yet
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    First Pepakura Spartan Armor Project (WIP)

    This is awesome, I love the couple builds! Good luck and great job so far!
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    The Journey From Noob to Chief: My Halo 4 MC WIP Build (1st Build)

    looks good so far, I would like to see your helmet. Do not worry about your speed, work at your own pace.
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    Skyrim: Dragonscale Gauntlets. (and misc.)

    I think you should make a full suit!
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    our Halo Reach Operator and EOD build!

    Looking real good, guys