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    Conventions and Props and what not. Just a few ramblings

    well to be honest I think there is a lot of us around that would hug an m45 like a plushie toy. I know how many hours I can spend sitting cradling my suppressed BR55. face it none of us are exactly correct in the head. But honestly Asgardianhammer when they announce the next oupost series...
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    Conventions and Props and what not. Just a few ramblings

    You would be correct on the silly bugs. I myself am seeing more and more that people dont care when they break something. Which for me myself makes me more and more disinclined to leave my items out for anyone to handle. Not going to loose sleep if a foam item gets dropped. But things...
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    Conventions and Props and what not. Just a few ramblings

    So After 5 years of doing conventions. After HOD this summer and many things I have a few ramblings about props and what not. Photo booths. Love them. The people love them. They love holding our props. Result to many times Broken props and upset 405th members. Okay so...
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    odst visor help

    well complex issue. The visor on my avatar image is actually 2 pieces to semi get the correct look. with window tint film to make it black. and that helmet is my old pep bondo one. Because of the curved shape of the visor the tint film is nearly impossible to get to lay flat. At least...
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    Colonial, Let's get moving. (A judgement free getting healthy together)

    Fangs you said you had acid reflux. That in and of itself will play havoc with what your stomach can and cant do from day to day. I have dealt with acid reflux for about 8 years now. The thing I learned with mine was. You eat one thing that gets it going and then your stomach is a...
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    Planning ODST Build - Progress and Final Costume Photos on Pg. 2

    Not bad looking at all. Actually very nice. And I am sure you have learned a few things in the process.
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    Planning ODST Build - Progress and Final Costume Photos on Pg. 2

    DFT I can say is the place that many of us ODST started our first suit at. Mine was. wore it one con enjoyed it and determined I could do better. Built another suit for my next con. And a version 3 for my third. The shins and knee's from my second suit are still in service nearly 4...
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    HEADCOUNT for Halo Outpost Discovery

    Just so everyone is aware Ashuraa and I will be out the door by 3pm Sunday. 5 hour drive home because I couldn't get Monday Off as of yet. Still fighting that battle so might pull it off still but not sure. And as Ashuraa already said I will be available for table duty most of the time I...
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    3D printer HELP thread

    My experience with PETG has been less then stellar.. PETG is a food grade plastic it has excellent heat handling. I tried about this time last year to work with it and I could never get either of my printers dialed in. At that time there was no profile in simplifty to work with PETG...
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    3D printer HELP thread

    your cheapest option is PLA. I would recommend PLA + or aka PLA Pro. It has a bit more heat handling ability. Leaving PLA prints in your car on a warm sunny day can be rather bad for there health. And just because your printer doesnt have an enclosure doesnt mean you cant print abs...
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    Comment by 'Kusak3' in media 'Br55 Image2'

    Take my word It hurts my head as well. I bounce back and forth between meshmixer and Netfab and occasionally blender. And to make it worse I am completely self taught. I still cant make my own models yet and really can only due limited modification to existing models. Enough to make...
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    Comment by 'Kusak3' in media 'Br55 Image2'

    The file is a combination of pieces. I modified all of the parts to make the connections seamless. But is the Anniversary BR55 with some work done to it. As in a lot of work on my part. And it is the Suppressor from the M7. I had to repair the BR55 model and then I went in and added...
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    3D Printer Downselect

    Well depending on what you want to spend. Friend of mine picked up the Creality 10s S5 which is a 500x500x500 printer. it set him back 1000 on amazon and he has put about 400 dollars in upgrades on it since but I know it did good out of box. It is slow though what I can punch out...
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    Props M247 Foamboard

    Looking good Dirtdives. I havent convinced myself to revisit mine. trying to convince myself I want to 3d print the monster. Cant be to much worse than the saw I did for Franky
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    exaggerating detail in a 3d model?

    okay here is what I am up against. I am doing some 3d printing of some astronomical bodies for a gentlemen for the classes he teaches. The problem I am running into here is some of these models the detail is rather small. I have found reference to and models of some of the items that...